Management & Reporting Software Platforms 

Asset Management  & Consulting Services 

Conley Management Group offers Asset Management and consulting services for private families, investors, and corporate clients. Our goal is provide assurance to our clients that their assets are being preserved, maintained, and managed to promote sustained appreciation and long term value. We work directly with owners in an active advisory role to help make strategic decisions in reference to the management, construction, operation, and maintenance, of their physical assets. 

Our team understands the strategic nature of managing real estate assets so we tailor client specific plans to suite individual needs. Our fully integrated service platform allows us to operate as a single source of accountability and reliability for all real estate services. We are also able to provide our clients with complete cost transparency, operational clarity, data, and financials 24/7 through our online management platform. 

‚ÄčCommercial Management  

Our firm utilizes its assets and experience in all aspects of the real estate industry to manage a diversified base of commercial real estate assets. Our firm provides clients with the assurance that their real estate assets are managed and maintained in line with the first class standards we set. 

We  provide our clients with detailed maintenance, compliance, and financial reports on a routine basis to provide surety to owners that their assets are being maintained in accordance with budget, quality standards, and investment requirements. Conley Management Group works diligently to safeguard our client's real estate investments and we strive to seek continued appreciation in all properties through the use of meticulously developed maintenance programs. We believe that effective real estate investments achieve sustainable growth and consistent returns from well-developed and maintained infrastructure. 

‚ÄčCommercial Management Services: 

Management: Facility Management, Building Operations, Lease Administration, General Administrative Services

Financial - Cost Accounting, Reporting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Invoicing, Net Lease Billing

Maintenance: Property Maintenance, Cleaning, Infrastructure Evaluation, Service Contract Management  
Construction: General Contracting Services, MEP Construction, Capital Improvements

Design: Architectural Design, Planning, Expediting and Engineering 

Commercial Leasing: Marketing, Brokerage, Tenant Management,