Inspection + Loan Services 

Conley Management Group works directly with contractors, developers, private clients, banks, and investors to provide strategic and cost effective loan inspection and monitoring solutions. 

Our team will conduct on-site inspections to verify quality and value of work completed prior to funds disbursement. We will also document and record the information obtained during each inspection in a clear and concise report. Every inspection report will include; digital photos, progress summaries, project notes, % of completion, punch lists, and permit/compliance verification. All reports can be specifically and strategically tailored to individual project requirements. 

All construction components and scope will be meticulously reviewed and assessed to determine the accurate percentage of completion in order to validate funds disbursement. Our core goal is to make sure our client's investments are protected and managed while providing quality assurance. 

​​​Real Estate Asset Management  

Conley Management Group offers a full range of management and consulting services for private families, investors, and corporate clients that own real estate assets which include investment properties, corporate owned assets, private residences, ranches, and raw land. Our goal is provide assurance to our clients that their assets are being preserved, maintained, and managed to promote sustained appreciation and long term value. We work directly with owners in an active advisory role to help make strategic decisions in reference to the management, construction, operation,and maintenance, of their physical assets. 

Our team understands the strategic nature of managing real estate assets so we tailor client specific plans to suite individual needs. Our fully integrated service platform allows us to operate as a single source of accountability and reliability for all estate management services. We are also able to provide our clients with complete cost transparency, operational clarity, data, and financials 24/7 through our online management platform. 

Construction + Development Consulting

Conley Management Group works directly with General Contractors, Developers, and Private clients to provide construction and development services. 

Consulting Services 

Conley Management Group has ability to work with our clients in multiple capacities by utilizing our assets and experience in the industry to provide strategic value and insight. 
We developed a broad scope of consulting services that stem from our background in real estate development. Our services are available to clients on a hourly or project fee basis, and we can tailor specific programs to a suit individual project requirements. Our consulting practice is an outgrowth of expertise that we have developed through experienced project execution. Our firm has become proficient, process driven, and goal oriented even in the most complex environments, and is on hand to assist clients at any point of a construction or real estate project.

• Project Management 
• Cost Accounting 
• Value engineering
• Accounting and reporting
• Quality control evaluation and monitoring
• Project scheduling and management
• Implementation of cost control protocols
• Formation of subcontractor scope of work and trade bid analysis
• Site safety and crisis management plan protocols
• Government and municipal agency approvals​